17 May 2019

Making time for music

We can find a justification for music as an important part of human development right back to Plato. In the … More

27 April 2019

Extending music beyond the classroom: MusicFirst

City of London School for Girls provides students and staff with iPads, and all departments are encouraged to explore how … More

18 January 2019

Hitting the right notes: improving teaching practice

Guest blog from Dr Steven Berryman, Director of Music at City of London School for Girls and Visiting Research Fellow at … More

05 January 2019

Research-informed music teaching

Guest blog post for Music Education UK – January 2019 Being a research-informed teacher is increasingly the norm. Social … More

16 December 2018

The visible and invisible HOD

It’s endlessly inspiring to see the honesty and generosity of teachers who share so readily their classroom practice and leadership … More

18 November 2018

Delivering the new specification for A Level

I have been teaching the new Edexcel specification and my colleagues and I have enjoyed getting to know the anthology. … More

06 August 2018

Googling dialogic teaching

Well before I read the EEF report on dialogic teaching I did a google search and found several news stories … More

05 August 2018

Oracy articles in Impact Issue 3/Summer 2018

I’ve now read the three articles in the Chartered College of Teaching’s Impact journal – Issue 3 Summer 2018. This … More

05 August 2018

Dialogic Teaching: starting the assignment

I’ve decided to blog about the literature review assignment for the Chartered Teacher Programme – mostly so I had a … More

30 July 2018

Comment on ‘Knowledge: a dirty word in arts education?

‘Education strikes a bargain with learners; trading innocence for experience. So, let’s not be in doubt: schools do kill a … More