06 August 2018

Googling dialogic teaching

Well before I read the EEF report on dialogic teaching I did a google search and found several news stories … More

05 August 2018

Oracy articles in Impact Issue 3/Summer 2018

I’ve now read the three articles in the Chartered College of Teaching’s Impact journal – Issue 3 Summer 2018. This … More

05 August 2018

Dialogic Teaching: starting the assignment

I’ve decided to blog about the literature review assignment for the Chartered Teacher Programme – mostly so I had a … More

30 July 2018

Comment on ‘Knowledge: a dirty word in arts education?

‘Education strikes a bargain with learners; trading innocence for experience. So, let’s not be in doubt: schools do kill a … More

25 June 2018

‘School music is more than an enjoyable pastime’

To save school music, we need to show that there’s more to it than learning instruments for fun, says this … More

30 May 2018

GCSE and A-level Composition

Here’s an extract of my talk I was due to give at the MMA Conference at Eton College. I am … More

24 May 2018

Strong Arts, Strong Schools (RSA)

I enjoyed attending the Strong Arts, Strong Schools event at RSA House yesterday (23 May). Interesting panel of Darren Henley, Andria … More

13 May 2018

Cultural Leadership Community

The Cultural Leadership Community run by A New Direction comes to a close 19 July. For my project, that I’ll … More

19 April 2018

Trust in Leadership: Leadership Development with Dr Paul Browning

Dr. Paul Browning has a knack for engendering trust rather quickly, and he clearly embodies the practices he has developed … More

31 March 2018

Honesty is the best policy

As part of the Chartered Teacher Programme we are expected to write a reflective journal entry at points through the … More